• Market leading returns
  • Genuine discounts of between 20-30%
  • Monthly income and instant equity
  • Gross yields of between 8 – 11%

Platinum Portfolio Builder (PPB) builds and manages property portfolios for people who want to invest in property, but who don’t have the time, expertise or inclination to do it themselves.

PPB offers market-leading returns to clients who have £100K plus to invest and who are unhappy with the poor returns, high fees and uncertainty typically associated with traditional investments and pensions.

The company’s team of expert buyers, deal progressors, project managers, builders and letting agents means that clients can be assured of an instant profit together with a regular income, without having to do the work themselves. Future capital growth is an additional bonus that will be enjoyed by PPB clients for years to come.

PPB only buys properties where a discount of 20-30% below an independent RICS valuation can be achieved. An average discount of 28% was achieved on behalf of clients in 2012 and 2013. The company sources this heavily discounted property, using its extensive knowledge and contacts, which are then let and managed for clients on an ongoing basis until the client decides to sell in order to realise their profits.

This proven passive model of property investment provides market-leading returns and security through intelligent property investment.

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  • Value: £356,857
  • Purchase: £250,000
  • Discount: 25.59%
  • Gross Yield: 9.83%
  • Value: £900,000
  • Purchase: £600,000
  • Discount: 31.49%
  • Gross Yield: 10.29%
  • Value: £900,000
  • Purchase: £600,000
  • Discount: 30.81%
  • Gross Yield: 10.18%
Examples of property Portfolios: