"Thank you very much - we were both very pleased with how 86 Barnsley Rd is looking now - we stopped by so I could have a brief look around the outside after we left on Tuesday - and I'm very happy with it. Well done with managing a successful refurb!"
Warren Burgess, Director BP
"Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the Photo's and details of the portfolio, they have been brilliant"
Simon Baddeley, Senior Recruitment Regional Director
"The enthusiasm honesty and passion shown by Nick and his team regarding this property investment opportunity shone through"
Michael Plaza, Affiliate Business Owner
"You really have got great people there and they are so efficient and helpful it’s so nice"
David Hunt, Investor
"What stood out most was the energy level in the office - you clearly have a great team, that gave us confidence in PPB's capabilities for managing property portfolios."
Warren Burgess, Director BP
"PPB is a great investment. I have properties in the South East with lower yields and it wasn’t rocket science to look further north for better returns"
Jeff & Catherine Lawton
"The unique opportunity to buy below market value, coupled with the extensive knowledge of the team, makes me very confident in my investment."
Katherine Newman, Civil Engineer
"Investing in Portfolio Builder was an easy decision once we realised the leading returns that it delivered."
Paul and Linda Cronin, IT Executive
"When I retire the income and capital growth continues. It’s very enjoyable to create something that can run and run."
Henri and Angela Botha, Ex-Dentist
"It was easy to recognise the potential of a passive investment . We have been really happy with the service and very impressed with the team in Yorkshire"
Thomas Clarke, Business Owner and Entrepreneur
"This investment is allowing me to spend much more time with my son without worrying about having to work."
Gerard Scannell, Ex-Warehousing Director

Case Studies

Featured success report


Jon Rose

Starting, running and exiting two successful businesses provided Jon Rose with the capital he needed to fulfill a long-held ambition of investing in property. However, as his previous businesses were in office supplies and telesales respectively, he needed to find a way to fast track his learning. A franchise provided him with the knowledge and experience he needed, yet, while profitable, he soon discovered that the business model demanded round-the-clock hands-on attention. So when Jon came across Platinum Portfolio Builder, a passive way of investing in property, he was keen to find out more.

Dale Atkins

49-year-old Dale Atkins ran his own specialist security software company for twenty years. Having sold the family-owned business to a PLC, he was keen to look for new investment opportunities and was drawn to property. Lacking experience in the sector proved a barrier until he came across Platinum Portfolio Builder.”...

John Barrett

Working in a compound in Saudi Arabia has its perks. Year round sunshine, no tax and free rent – just some of the reasons 54-year-old engineer, John Barrett, went from a year’s secondment with BAE Systems to spending 27 years in the country. Together with colleague Chris Alton, John attended various property seminars and has used some of his tax-free income to buy property in the North of England using the services of Platinum Portfolio Builder.”...

Philip Easter

Semi-retired after 40 years working his way to the top of insurance behemoth, Aviva plc, Norwich-based Philip Easter began to invest in property through Platinum Portfolio Builder (PPB)...

Gerald Scannell

Investing passively with Platinum Portfolio Builder allows Gerald Scannell to spend precious time with his seven year old son Liam....

Thomas & Kathy Clarke

Thomas and Kathy Clarke immediately saw the potential of a passive investment with Platinum Portfolio Builder. Looking to enjoy a slower pace of life having been self employed...

Jeff Lawton

Jeff and Catherine Lawton enjoy a successful existing portfolio but in the search of higher returns in a different area of the UK made the choice to join Platinum Portfolio Builder...

David Hunt

Building up capital in the bank and already with an investment property in Liverpool, David was keen, like many investors to build on the success he has seen to date with property....

Stuart Scott

Stuart Scott and his wife Anita were initially motivated into looking into investment opportunities to, “optimize availability of investment funds over medium / long term other than bank accounts or shares.”...

Chris and Natalyia Alton

The thriving ex-pat community in the Middle East is proving a prime source of business for South Yorkshire based property investment firm, Platinum Portfolio Builder”...

John Wass

“A way of sowing the seeds now, and reaping the results in around 15 years time. It sounds like a good investment to me”....

Simon Baddeley

An excellent investment, it really is. It does exactly what it says on the tin”...

Nick and Diane Holmes

When you consider the fact that PPB’s buyers only secure one in 13 of the properties they bid for, it gives you an idea of the time and effort they put in. ”...

Carol George

Now entering what she describes as an important ‘third chapter’ in her life – living and working in London’s trendy East Dulwich – she has started to build a portfolio of properties in the North of England.”...

Kevin Ripley

Often there are several strands that connect people and businesses beneath the surface of life. For born and bred Yorkshireman, Kevin Ripley, employment drew him to Platinum Portfolio Builder.”...

Neale Roberts

Living in the South of France has proved no obstacle to investing in property in the UK for Neale Roberts. With a wife and young family to support, while establishing his property finding business in sunny climes, he has used the services of Platinum Portfolio Builder to source and manage his growing portfolio in the North of England.”...