"Thank you very much - we were both very pleased with how 86 Barnsley Rd is looking now - we stopped by so I could have a brief look around the outside after we left on Tuesday - and I'm very happy with it. Well done with managing a successful refurb!"
Warren Burgess, Director BP
"Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the Photo's and details of the portfolio, they have been brilliant"
Simon Baddeley, Senior Recruitment Regional Director
"The enthusiasm honesty and passion shown by Nick and his team regarding this property investment opportunity shone through"
Michael Plaza, Affiliate Business Owner
"You really have got great people there and they are so efficient and helpful it’s so nice"
David Hunt, Investor
"What stood out most was the energy level in the office - you clearly have a great team, that gave us confidence in PPB's capabilities for managing property portfolios."
Warren Burgess, Director BP
"PPB is a great investment. I have properties in the South East with lower yields and it wasn’t rocket science to look further north for better returns"
Jeff & Catherine Lawton
"The unique opportunity to buy below market value, coupled with the extensive knowledge of the team, makes me very confident in my investment."
Katherine Newman, Civil Engineer
"Investing in Portfolio Builder was an easy decision once we realised the leading returns that it delivered."
Paul and Linda Cronin, IT Executive
"When I retire the income and capital growth continues. It’s very enjoyable to create something that can run and run."
Henri and Angela Botha, Ex-Dentist
"It was easy to recognise the potential of a passive investment . We have been really happy with the service and very impressed with the team in Yorkshire"
Thomas Clarke, Business Owner and Entrepreneur
"This investment is allowing me to spend much more time with my son without worrying about having to work."
Gerard Scannell, Ex-Warehousing Director

PPB Case Study – Jon Rose


Property working so I don’t have to

Starting, running and exiting two successful businesses provided Jon Rose with the capital he needed to fulfill a long-held ambition of investing in property. However, as his previous businesses were in office supplies and telesales respectively, he needed to find a way to fast track his learning. A franchise provided him with the knowledge and experience he needed, yet, while profitable, he soon discovered that the business model demanded round-the-clock hands-on attention. So when Jon came across Platinum Portfolio Builder, a passive way of investing in property, he was keen to find out more.

Matt Pigott interviews.

How did you first become involved in property?
The sale of my second business gave me the money to invest in property. Like many people, I had dabbled in property in the late nineties and early 2000s and had made some money. However, in truth, I had made money simply by investing in a rising market and that hadn’t taken a great degree of skill or knowledge. In October 2010, I bought a franchise that showed me how to find, buy, renovate and rent out houses in multiple occupation (“HMOs”). For a complete novice it was a great way to build a HMO portfolio and avoid costly mistakes, and I now own 10 properties in Kent with about 60 tenants, but it was seriously hard work. My portfolio took a significant investment of time and energy from both me and my business partner – both to build and to manage. In fact, we soon realized that we would need to employ staff to help us if we were to achieve a reasonable work-life balance. So, when I found out about PPB’s passive investment opportunity, I was keen to find out more.

Apart from it being passive, was there anything else that attracted you?
I liked the fact that PPB had recently given its business model an overhaul. Their focus used to be on slowly building a portfolio of two-and-three-bedroom houses for clients. Now, they’re focused on bigger purchases, buying blocks of multiple properties, which generate a better yield more quickly whilst still providing freehold ownership.

Is that a more expensive way of doing things?
Compared to what – more expensive than buying properties myself? On the face of it, yes, but the properties that PPB purchase aren’t generally available on the open market so I wouldn’t even have visibility of them and I certainly wouldn’t be able to buy at the prices that PPB do.

You need around £100k to invest in a block, but your risk is spread straightaway because you have a higher number of tenants in each block (much like in a HMO). If one tenant falls behind with their rent, for example, it’s annoying, but not a threat to the business. If you only have one house and your single tenant falls behind, you have to cover the mortgage out of your own pocket, which doesn’t suit my appetite. I’m a great believer in spreading risk, which is why the blocks work well in my opinion.

So you’ve bought a block?
Yes. Recently, I purchased a block of six apartments in Yorkshire through PPB, which instantly gave me £90,000 of equity. PPB managed to secure the block for 26% percent below the current market value, which in a newly bullish climate impressed me. Today, the combined properties in the block give me around £900 a month rental income after all costs and expenses.

Are you more interested in capital growth or rental yield?
Both are important, but it really depends on what sort of investor you are and how property sits within your wider portfolio. My apartment-block purchase through PPB is a long-term capital investment, which means I have no intention of selling it for the next 15 to 20 years. This contrasts with my properties in Kent, which are more of an income producing strategy. As I’ve revealed, I get a good yield on the properties through PPB that puts real money into my pocket every month but my real focus is to hold on to the block, storing up capital growth for a future pension. The two strategies combined give my portfolio a good balance. But the best thing about the PPB investment is that it’s completely hands-off. I really do have time to do other things now.

There’s nothing like having the freedom to do other things while your property works for you, which is why I intend to acquire another four or five blocks through PPB in the next few years.

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