"Thank you very much - we were both very pleased with how 86 Barnsley Rd is looking now - we stopped by so I could have a brief look around the outside after we left on Tuesday - and I'm very happy with it. Well done with managing a successful refurb!"
Warren Burgess, Director BP
"Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the Photo's and details of the portfolio, they have been brilliant"
Simon Baddeley, Senior Recruitment Regional Director
"The enthusiasm honesty and passion shown by Nick and his team regarding this property investment opportunity shone through"
Michael Plaza, Affiliate Business Owner
"You really have got great people there and they are so efficient and helpful it’s so nice"
David Hunt, Investor
"What stood out most was the energy level in the office - you clearly have a great team, that gave us confidence in PPB's capabilities for managing property portfolios."
Warren Burgess, Director BP
"PPB is a great investment. I have properties in the South East with lower yields and it wasn’t rocket science to look further north for better returns"
Jeff & Catherine Lawton
"The unique opportunity to buy below market value, coupled with the extensive knowledge of the team, makes me very confident in my investment."
Katherine Newman, Civil Engineer
"Investing in Portfolio Builder was an easy decision once we realised the leading returns that it delivered."
Paul and Linda Cronin, IT Executive
"When I retire the income and capital growth continues. It’s very enjoyable to create something that can run and run."
Henri and Angela Botha, Ex-Dentist
"It was easy to recognise the potential of a passive investment . We have been really happy with the service and very impressed with the team in Yorkshire"
Thomas Clarke, Business Owner and Entrepreneur
"This investment is allowing me to spend much more time with my son without worrying about having to work."
Gerard Scannell, Ex-Warehousing Director


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How it works?

Q. Who is Platinum Portfolio Builder?

A. Platinum Portfolio Builder was established in 2009 by Managing Director and Property Expert Nick Carlile. Since this time hundreds have invested in PPB trusting them to build and manage their property portfolio. PPB have bought over £33million worth of property in the North of England on behalf of its clients.

Q. How does Platinum Portfolio Builder Work?

A. Platinum Portfolio Builder (PPB) builds and manages property portfolios for people who want to invest in property, but who don’t have the time, knowledge or inclination to do it themselves.

PPB offers market-leading returns to clients who have £100K plus to invest and who are unhappy with the poor returns, high fees and uncertainty typically associated with traditional investments and pensions. 

The company’s team of expert buyers, project managers, builders and letting agents means that clients can be assured of an instant profit together with a regular income, without having to do the work themselves.  Future capital growth is an additional bonus that will be enjoyed by PPB clients for years to come.

PPB only buys properties where a minimum discount of 20% below an independent RICS valuation can be achieved. An average discount of 28% was achieved on behalf of clients in 2012 & 2013.  The company sources this heavily discounted property in an ethical way, using its extensive knowledge and contacts, which are then let and managed for clients on an ongoing basis until the client decides to sell in order to realise their profits.

This proven passive model of property investment provides market-leading returns and security through intelligent property investment. 

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Property sourcing

Q. How do we buy property at such a discount?

A.  We offer a service to vendors whose time is more important than money and we have a proven track record of being able to agree a sale rapidly. For example we can make an offer within 24 hours, exchange within 10 days and complete within 28 days. Our team of experts have nurtured and developed relationship with sellers, estate agents, asset managers, banks, receivers, builders and auctioneers, which results in the best deals possible for our clients.

Q. Can’t I do below market value purchasing on my own without paying your fees?

A. Yes you can but you need to be aware of the time, skill and costs required to do this yourself.  Nick Carlile, Managing Director, has been investing in this way since 1993. We hope that our track record, support system and the market we are buying in shows you that letting us do this on your behalf is an attractive alternative. The best way to answer this question is to come and see us for an exploratory visit where you will be able to meet the team, view properties and see some of the systems that we use to achieve what we do.  

Q. Will I view and choose the properties that you purchase on my behalf?

A. We positively encourage our investors to visit us in Yorkshire to meet the team and look at existing and new properties, although you are not obliged to.

You make the final decision on the purchasing of any property; we give you details of a number of properties for you to choose from. You can always say NO to any property which we offer to you and you don’t even have to give us a reason. 

Q. What happens after I have my initial portfolio?

A. We have an ongoing commitment to you, our client, to ensure we maximize your gains for your financial future. We review your portfolio on a regular basis so that we can give you our best advice on what to do next. 

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Mortgages and finance

Q. How can you build portfolios with a relatively small investment?

A. We use leverage by taking out mortgages on the properties. Once fully refinanced and all your working capital is pulled back out the return on investment, as your equity grows, is very good. 

Q. Can I buy for cash and not take out a mortgage?

A. You can and some clients do but the return on investment will be much lower and we could buy several properties for the same amount using leverage.

Q. Is a mortgage essential as I am nervous about taking one out?

A. You will be required to fill in a mortgage application but an independent mortgage advisor will provide you with full support in doing this.

It is understandable to be nervous, especially if you are fortunate enough to be mortgage free. Using the leverage of mortgages is the best way to get returns on investment where the cost of the mortgage is more than covered by rental income. By using mortgages you are able to increase your portfolio size by almost 4 times over using just cash. This means that if you have 100k to invest and buy for cash a 5% increase in the property market will give you £5,000 gain – a 5% ROI. Using leverage the same 100k can be used to buy 400k of property. This means that the same 5% growth will give you a £20,000 gain – a 20% ROI.

*ROI = Return on Investment and is a % that is calculated by dividing the amount of annual gain over the amount of funds invested

Q. What if interest rates go up?

A. This a good question because interest rates are at an all-time low. It is expected that as the Bank of England base rate rises the cost of mortgages will stay constant with the banks ‘soaking up’ some of the increase by reducing their margins. You can also take out fixed rates of interest on all your mortgages.

Q. I am not an expert with money matters do you help your clients with their finances?

A. Here at PPB we have a wealth of experience and we work with external advisors that can assist you in all areas of wealth management, tax planning, protection, pension planning etc.

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Q. What standard do you refurbish the property to?

A.  We refurbish your property to a very high standard to ensure your tenant is happy renting. Typically we will add between £1.50 and £2.00 for every £1.00 spent on refurbishment to the value of the property.

Our expert builders take before and after pictures throughout the refurbishment and send these to you. You are also welcome to visit at any time. We are also incentivised to ensure the refurbishment is to a high standard to ensure that the property is rented out.

If the property is not rented out you do not pay us the lettings and management fee – this is just another area where we have ‘skin in the game’. 

Q.  A refurbishment costs part of the paid fee?

A. The cost of refurbishment is paid from the working capital and is not an extra fee. 

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Lettings and Management

Q. Do you charge for finding a tenant for my property?

A. No, unlike many other management companies who charge a large fee we do not charge extra for this. Our lettings and management is an all inclusive service.

And, nor do we charge for inventories, check-in and check-outs or referencing for the tenants.

This can save you a lot of money, as many agents will charge a full month’s rent for finding you a tenant.

Q. Do you charge for taking inventory or other services relating to when a tenant is changed?

A. No, as a client of ours we try and keep your monthly cash flow undisrupted.

Q. How much rent will be charged?

A. On average the rental income from properties is £450 per month. The national average on yield is around 4%.

Q. What if you cannot find me a tenant?

A. There is an overwhelming demand for rented property and our occupancy rates are close to 100%. There are long waiting lists for affordable housing in the North of England with limited availability.

Q. What if the property needs work to be carried out during the tenancy?

A. We manage refurbishment and all maintenance once the property is rented out on your behalf. The rental income usually covers the maintenance on the properties and most of the properties are fully refurbished before we let them out.

Q. Can I see the accounts for an example property purchase and also the profit and loss once the property has been let?

A. Yes- we have a number of examples that we can send to you.

Q. Who insures my property and who pays for it?

A. The insurance premium is covered by the rental income.

We insure your properties on your behalf. This comes under a block policy ,which insures all of PPB’s client’s properties. This means that you make a significant saving from the normal cost of insurance.

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Due Diligence

Q. Can I have a copy of the PPB Agreement to review?

A. Yes, we can provide a draft copy of the Agreement upon request. 

Q. How exactly is the working capital ring-fenced from PPB’s assets?

A. The working capital is held in a separate bank account which is completely separate from the PPB business. You can withdraw your funds or request a statement of all transactions for your working capital at any time. Your working capital is always either in the properties that you own, or the separate bank account or a combination of the two.

Q. Can I speak to other clients?

A. Of course – just ask us for details of some of our clients, who will be happy to provide further details.

Q. How am I kept informed of how my portfolio is performing?

A. You will receive a monthly statement for your properties showing the rental income and expenditure (if any). During refurbishment you will receive regular progress photos. You will also receive a full report on a quarterly basis that shows the full details of your portfolio and what the next steps are.

Q. What if I have a concern or query?

A. You have full access to every member of the team throughout the entire process. You also have direct access to Nick Carlile, Managing Director, should you need it. In addition to this we give you your own dedicated email address where you can raise any issues at all. Whilst this is reserved for non day-to-day issues we promise to answer this within 1 working day.

Q. Would I be welcome to visit your offices in Yorkshire?

A. You are welcome to visit us at the office at any time. This allows you to see a selection of properties before purchase or during and after refurbishment, meet the team and examine some of the systems that we use to deliver the PPB product. 

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