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    "Thank you very much - we were both very pleased with how 86 Barnsley Rd is looking now - we stopped by so I could have a brief look around the outside after we left on Tuesday - and I'm very happy with it. Well done with managing a successful refurb!"
    Warren Burgess, Director BP
    "Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the Photo's and details of the portfolio, they have been brilliant"
    Simon Baddeley, Senior Recruitment Regional Director
    "The enthusiasm honesty and passion shown by Nick and his team regarding this property investment opportunity shone through"
    Michael Plaza, Affiliate Business Owner
    "You really have got great people there and they are so efficient and helpful it’s so nice"
    David Hunt, Investor
    "What stood out most was the energy level in the office - you clearly have a great team, that gave us confidence in PPB's capabilities for managing property portfolios."
    Warren Burgess, Director BP
    "PPB is a great investment. I have properties in the South East with lower yields and it wasn’t rocket science to look further north for better returns"
    Jeff & Catherine Lawton
    "The unique opportunity to buy below market value, coupled with the extensive knowledge of the team, makes me very confident in my investment."
    Katherine Newman, Civil Engineer
    "Investing in Portfolio Builder was an easy decision once we realised the leading returns that it delivered."
    Paul and Linda Cronin, IT Executive
    "When I retire the income and capital growth continues. It’s very enjoyable to create something that can run and run."
    Henri and Angela Botha, Ex-Dentist
    "It was easy to recognise the potential of a passive investment . We have been really happy with the service and very impressed with the team in Yorkshire"
    Thomas Clarke, Business Owner and Entrepreneur
    "This investment is allowing me to spend much more time with my son without worrying about having to work."
    Gerard Scannell, Ex-Warehousing Director

    Key indicators of an improving property market

    posted: February 1st, 2014

    There are four key factors to consider when planning your property investment strategy. Nick Carlile, Managing Director of Platinum Portfolio Builder (“PPB”), believes now is a crucial time to review these elements as they are currently aligning and this movement will result in significant opportunities within the property market.

    By tracking these critical indicators it will provide you with a good understanding of how property prices will change in the year ahead, and the opportunities that this will create.

    Supply and Demand

    Nick continues to remind investors that demand consistently outstrips supply in the UK property market.  This is due to a number of factors including; rising population and a restricted land mass, tight planning laws, lack of construction work over the last five years and the ever-depleting stock of council houses.


    Affordability needs to be at a reasonable level for the majority to purchase houses and, if prices are too high, then people are tied into rental accommodation.  Affordability over the last few years has began to drop to a more realistic level and currently the UK’s average property price sits around five times annual salaries.   This, for most people, is still extremely high (London, for example, is almost seven times the average level of earnings).  However, in Yorkshire, were PPB invests, affordability is increasing and getting closer to the trigger number for an increasing number of buyers, which is three times the annual salary.

    In addition, the Help to Buy Scheme has caused further activity brought about by artificial levels of affordability which will also encourage house prices to increase.


    More readily available and inexpensive finance is essential when building a portfolio.  After the austere days of the credit crunch lenders are once again releasing their grip on the purse strings.

    There are some great products available on the high street – not just for buy-to-let investors – but also anyone interested in purchasing property generally.


    Gauging the level of confidence is important when predicting future activity in the sector, as spending is often triggered by the wider positivity in the economy.

    There has been a definite shift over the last year in peoples’ perspective of the property market and, although there is still an element of pessimism, there are a great deal more positive messages in the press and media.

    Again the Help-to-Buy scheme has had a massive impact with government lending reaching over £1 billion and this looks set to rocket in the forthcoming year.  This will enable a vast number of people to purchase property and, when houses sell, prices are guaranteed to increase.

    This confidence factor, more than any of the others, will force prices upwards as people return to property. The positivity within the press will stoke the fear and greed that fuels every market.

    Fear that they will miss out on a burgeoning opportunity, as they did in the last cycle, and Greed driven by the desire to maximise the opportunity, as many did last time.

    Nick will be keeping a close eye on these key factors throughout 2014 and encourages those interested in property to do the same.  He will of course be providing regular updates.

    Should you have any queries on any aspects of property investment please do not hesitate to contact us info@platinumportfoliobuilder.co.uk or visit our website platinumportfolionbuilder.co.uk

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