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    "Thank you very much - we were both very pleased with how 86 Barnsley Rd is looking now - we stopped by so I could have a brief look around the outside after we left on Tuesday - and I'm very happy with it. Well done with managing a successful refurb!"
    Warren Burgess, Director BP
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    Simon Baddeley, Senior Recruitment Regional Director
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    Michael Plaza, Affiliate Business Owner
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    David Hunt, Investor
    "What stood out most was the energy level in the office - you clearly have a great team, that gave us confidence in PPB's capabilities for managing property portfolios."
    Warren Burgess, Director BP
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    Thomas Clarke, Business Owner and Entrepreneur
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    Gerard Scannell, Ex-Warehousing Director

    Long term investments making the Superrich, Richer

    posted: May 22nd, 2013

    After browsing through this year’s Sunday Times Rich List (STRL), published last month it becomes very apparent, very quickly that there is no singular route to making a fortune with long term investments. Oil, mining, finance, pharmaceuticals, retail – these are all familiar avenues. But what caught my eye in particular, as it does most years, is the number of people who have made the list specifically through their property investments.

    I know ‘property investment’ is such a vague term these days; however this phrase is incomplete without the secret ingredient that turns millionaires into billionaires. That ingredient is ‘long-term’.

    Successful long term Investments are not JUST all financial made with the ethos that money will take care of itself. Because it won’t!

    However, if you place your money in an environment where capital growth and appreciation can flourish, yes it may take the odd decline, but it will always see a correction.

    Did you know that one fifth of the business behemoths in the top twenty of this year’s lists are there because of their holdings in bricks and mortar? Either way, let’s find out who they are:

    At number seven, up from eight last year, are brothers, David and Simon Reuben.


    The dynamite duo has ratcheted up a staggering £8.8billion in a series of ventures, culminating in a property portfolio impressive enough to make even the Duke of Westminster’s eyes water. With almost half the brothers’ wealth held in liquid assets such as cash and bonds, the other half is made up almost entirely of debt-free property assets, including London’s Millbank Tower and John Lewis’ Victoria-based headquarters. The Reuben Brothers have realized that property is not a ‘get rich quick scheme’, but a ‘get very rich steadily scheme’.


    One down on the list, at number eight, is the Duke of Westminster himself, drying his eyes as he realises that the £7.8billion figure glowing on his balance sheet isn’t so bad after all.


    His company, Grosvenor Group, owns large estates in Oxford, Cheshire and Scotland, along with chunks of prime real estate in Belgravia and Mayfair, making him the richest Briton in the UK today. The Duke has also been in the List’s top ten for each of the 25 years it’s been going, highlighting the viability of long term property investment.

    Grosvenor Group’s chief executive Mark Preston recently said that the company would also begin diversifying into the private rented sector to offset the risk of slowing growth in the luxury housing market – a powerful indicator for anyone thinking about starting their own portfolio today.


    Chinese-born Joseph Lau Luen-hung is at number 14. He has one of the finest collections of red wines available to humanity, and recently paid over £39million for a Gauguin painting. But these things are mere sidelines, for it’s Lau’s property portfolio that makes him worth £4.6billion, and secures him his place in the top twenty.


    Last in the list of property tycoons, though hardly languishing, is the Earl of Cadogan. Another owner of prime segments of London, the Earl’s private residential property portfolio constitutes a significant percentage of his £3.7billion fortune.

    But it’s not just people in the Rich List increasing their holdings in property. In the current climate, insurers and pension funds are collectively looking to spend around £7billion on rental homes. Why rental homes: because, due to a mix of economic factors, the proportion of the population now renting is growing year on year. It’s bad news for people who want to buy and can’t, but good news for existing and potential landlords focused on increasing their stake in the buy-to-let market. However, there’s a piece of timely advice I’d like to give to new buy-to-let landlords, and that is to be wary of the Capital.


    In my opinion, overseas investment into the City has driven prices to a level that should make them think twice. Why buy in an area that may be quivering at a peak when there are areas in the North of England with excellent stock that’s up to five times cheaper on a like for like basis? Investment in residential property in the Leeds City Region, for example, will often secure better rental yields than property in London, while also comparing well, relatively speaking, when it comes to capital growth. And let’s not forget that in the next decade or two, the high-speed rail link (HS2) will put the cities of the North within commutable distance of London. What then for property prices either side of the Watford Gap? Another newsletter, another time.


    But I’ll end on this note: The Reuben Brothers started with nothing, built an empire, and climbed to the top tier of the STRL. In my opinion, they demonstrate why the bywords for success are ‘now’ and ‘today’, because there is no time like the present to begin preparing the foundations upon which to build a sound and solid property portfolio that will put you in good stead for the future.

    Many of the people in the STRL invest in a wide range of property. At PPB we have recently began to expand our offering to our clients to comprise of larger scale developments for the investor with a juicer appetite. Not only do these deals offer accelerated delivery to your financial goals, the opportunities to utilise the 28% minimum discount, meaning you secure equity in the properties immediately mean our clients’ are reaping the rewards on a much larger scale too.


    Here is a deal that was accepted by one of our clients:

    Exclusive Investment Opportunity

    Simply CLICK THE IMAGE to contact us for more information about this deal and many more we are offering our clients

    Here are some important details you may be interested in with this deal:

    A development of 12 two bedroom apartments located in a popular location. All apartments are currently let, producing a rental income of £76,812

    Purchase Price


    Expected Valuation

    £840,000 – £870,000

    Purchase Costs


    Refurbishment Costs



    £240,000 – £270,000


    28.57% – 31.03%

    Annual Rent


    Gross Yield










    To find out more about how Platinum Portfolio Builder can deliver market-leading returns on a totally passive investment opportunity call 01226 732606 or if you are more interested about how we can consistently deliver the deals like the one above to our clients, you can request a copy of  The Five Fundamental Principles of Property Investing in 2013, by clicking HERE  and also pre-register for one of the first copies of Your Property Pension, due to hit the bookshops and Kindle later this year.

    By Nick Carlile

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