"Thank you very much - we were both very pleased with how 86 Barnsley Rd is looking now - we stopped by so I could have a brief look around the outside after we left on Tuesday - and I'm very happy with it. Well done with managing a successful refurb!"
Warren Burgess, Director BP
"Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the Photo's and details of the portfolio, they have been brilliant"
Simon Baddeley, Senior Recruitment Regional Director
"The enthusiasm honesty and passion shown by Nick and his team regarding this property investment opportunity shone through"
Michael Plaza, Affiliate Business Owner
"You really have got great people there and they are so efficient and helpful it’s so nice"
David Hunt, Investor
"What stood out most was the energy level in the office - you clearly have a great team, that gave us confidence in PPB's capabilities for managing property portfolios."
Warren Burgess, Director BP
"PPB is a great investment. I have properties in the South East with lower yields and it wasn’t rocket science to look further north for better returns"
Jeff & Catherine Lawton
"The unique opportunity to buy below market value, coupled with the extensive knowledge of the team, makes me very confident in my investment."
Katherine Newman, Civil Engineer
"Investing in Portfolio Builder was an easy decision once we realised the leading returns that it delivered."
Paul and Linda Cronin, IT Executive
"When I retire the income and capital growth continues. It’s very enjoyable to create something that can run and run."
Henri and Angela Botha, Ex-Dentist
"It was easy to recognise the potential of a passive investment . We have been really happy with the service and very impressed with the team in Yorkshire"
Thomas Clarke, Business Owner and Entrepreneur
"This investment is allowing me to spend much more time with my son without worrying about having to work."
Gerard Scannell, Ex-Warehousing Director

The Team

philPHILIP EASTER (FCCA) – Chairman

Philip began his working life at just 15 and, at the same time, he undertook a five-year course in order to qualify as an accountant. By the time he was 21, he had purchased his first property and also embarked on a fleet-footed career trajectory. Over the next 40 years, each step up the corporate ladder took him closer to the position of chief financial Officer at Aviva plc, including CFO and executive vice president of Aviva USA. He also lead mergers and acquisitions, becoming a key negotiator in the acquisition of RAC for some £1.25bn.

Now semi-retired he is focused on his own investment portfolio whilst, at the same time, holding a number of non-executive director positions – including Chairman of the pension and life assurance company Aegon UK.

With PPB, Philip has developed a growing portfolio of properties and he has acquired a major stake in the company. Now, as our Chairman and non-executive director, and as an FCA and PRA Approved Person within the financial services sector, he brings a certain cachet to PPB, whilst shaping and directing the company at boardroom level.

Philip loves both sport and travelling, combining the two whenever he can. He’s followed the British Lions around the world, is an avid supporter of England Rugby and watches his home team Norwich City FC as often as possible. And, when he’s not watching others on the field, you’ll find him wielding a racquet on the tennis court. But spending time with his family, which includes four daughters, at his second home in Spain, takes the number one spot of his chosen pastimes.

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NickNICK CARLILE – Property Acquisitions Director

Nick loves property!  It’s often been said that if he was chopped him in half, PROPERTY would run through him like a stick of rock.  From the moment he stepped out of school and onto a building site, at the age of 16, he was enraptured with every element of the building process, from the actual building works, the budgeting and surveying through to the deals themselves.

Having seen his father work hard all his life only to get a tiny pension at the end of it, Nick believed that investing in property offered a better alternative. He has since proved this youthful suspicion right, buying his first house aged just 19 in 1993 and  then continuing to buy, build, and invest into property every year since then.  Nick’s portfolio now consists of 60 properties.

A chartered surveyor, today Nick continues to buy, renovate, build and manage an expanding number of carefully selected properties in the north of England. In doing this, he has transformed half-a-lifetime’s experience in property, insight and business aptitude into a £40million property portfolio, mostly on behalf of investor clients.

When he’s not investing in, looking at or writing about property, Nick loves to warm up for the Great North Run, which he completes each year for charity. He has also completed the London Marathon, scaled the three peaks and climbed Mont Blanc.

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MargaretMARGARET FERRIS – Financial Director

With a university degree in chemistry and physics, it was clear from a young age that Margaret had a scientific mind and a strong head for figures. She taught in secondary school for a while, but her overriding ambition was to become an accountant. Today she is a mother of two children – a daughter at Cambridge University and a son studying A’ levels – a businesswoman, a self-employed Chartered Accountant, and PPB’s Financial Director.

Margaret gained her accountancy experience under a training contract with the now world famous chartered accountancy firm KPMG. She remained with the firm for 22 years, the last nine of those as a partner. When the Sheffield office where she worked closed due to restructuring, she went to work, again as partner, at a Panel Ker Foster, which later became PKF.

In search of greater autonomy and flexibility, she decided to work for herself and lend her extensive financial experience, on a part-time basis, to small and growing companies, and she was put in touch, through contacts at a recruitment agency, with PPB.

When she’s not busy working on the PPB’s business model or monitoring the long trail of property transactions crowding its spreadsheets, she loves go swimming or attend Pilates classes. As a self-confessed Strictly addict, she has also taken up ballroom dancing lessons.

In addition, Margaret has her own online business selling ladies’ swimwear, which she runs with her husband. She also loves travelling, particularly in Asia and the Far East, and recently went to see the Taj Mahal.

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kellyKELLY PATTISON – Head of Investment Partner Relations and Head of Lettings

Since joining PPB three years ago, Kelly has worked in every department, which has given her a comprehensive overview of the company and a good understanding of each team member’s role. Having an aerial snapshot of the business in her head (knowing who is doing what, where and when) means that she is able to speedily update clients when they need information. The seamless interface between ‘back and front of house’ Kelly ensures that, while investors are kept up to speed, PPB’s team is free to focus on their specialised tasks.

Having been with the company since 2011 means that Kelly understands both PPB’s early ‘single domestic property’ and the more recent ‘multiple occupancy block’ investment models, and is, therefore, able to deal with the varying needs of clients regardless of when they first became PPB Investment Partners.

Before joining the company, Kelly was PA to the head of contact and head of pensions at Aviva plc, prior to which she worked for seven years at RBS, quickly progressing to client relationship manager.

A compulsive organiser, Kelly’s idiosyncrasies include facing up tins in her kitchen cupboards to keep them looking uniformly tidy, and keeping her house as clean and neat as a show home.

When she’s not collating her life and those of her colleagues she loves nothing more than to spend time with her family, walk the dog, or go horse riding with close friends.

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Come and Meet The Platinum Team

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